About Us

Consulting services on all aspects of information technology and Project Management. Angalia Investment Consortium Limited-AICL is built on values that put customer needs first which is why we employ methodologies that are designed to work for your organization software needs.

How we work

  • 01 Discuss your business needs

    Meet with you and have a conversation that is geared towards understanding your business processes, how they are currently operationalized (as-is model) and how they could be improved.

  • With understanding your as-is model, we will clearly conceptualize your to-be model that will bridge the chasm between the two.

  • Discuss implementation details with you without losing focus on what your vision is.

  • Create a to-be model around your vision.


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Process, Discipline and Leadership . Project management consultancy services are vital for high impact, time sensitive projects those most critical to your organization